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Road Past Hana

The road past Hana, actually where the Charles Lindberg grave is located, has not seen by many tourists as the rental car companies forbid you driving in this area.  A few years ago there was good reason for this because the road was not very good and in places would require a 4WD vehicle, with a winch even, to be able to get through.  With fairly recent repairs and improvements to the road has made it passable for passenger cars.  The first time we took the road, and each time really, we decided we would turn back if we had to.  We never had to turn back.  I would not recommend taking this road except on good sunny days and you should  have plenty of survival provisions because it is possible for a rain to wash the road out both in front and back of you.  Cellular service seemed to be good all the way around, so be sure to take your cell phone if you venture past Hana too far. Part of the road is dirt, but most of it is paved, albeit only a single lane.

The road is right on the edge in places and there are signs for you to blow your horn before going around the corner to warn oncoming traffic.



Here are a couple of brave souls.  I'm not sure what the rental contracts say for motorcycles.


There are several beautiful beaches along this part of the coast.

Out in what seemed like the middle of nowhere is a church.

Here is a gulch that used to be one of those places where you would need a 4WD with a winch and skid plates to get across.  It is said that this gulch would wash out the road often.

Watch out for cows!


We have arrived at the Volcano Winery where I snapped a couple of interesting shots.

I'm not sure what the plant is that is growing on the tree below, but it was very interesting that it attached itself to the tree like it did.



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