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Keokea Beach Park

Keokea Beach Park is a wonderful little park located between Kapa'au and the Pololu Valley.  Traveling toward the valley it will be on your left and I recommend it for a very nice picnic area.



The park is a favorite spot for artists to get inspiration.

Don't forget your lunch.  There are several picnic tables.

In Kapa'au town is this statue of King Kamehameha I.  King Kamehameha was raised in this area and spent a lot of time in the Pololu Valley.

There is a duplicate statue to this one in Honolulu, but this is the original.

Legend has it King Kamehameha carried this rock out of Pololulu Valley.  Kamehameha was said to be a giant of a man and was the first King to unify the Hawaiian islands under a single monarch. 

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