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Kaloko Fish Pond

The Kalokopronounced Ko-lo-ko Fish Pond is located just north of Kailua-Kona village between the Old Airport Beach Park and the Natural Energy Lab Beach.  When we lived in Kailuapronounced Ki-lou-ah they were in the process of building a new visitors center, but it was not open at that time.  Kaloko is part of the National Park System and the pond area was very well kept with outhouses typical of the National Park System, both Spotless and devoid of foul odors.

Fish ponds were built all over Hawaii as a main method of harvesting fish. Basically the early Hawaiians would locate a cove or small shallow bay that they could convert into a fish pond.  Next they would build a rock wall across the opening of the bay.  The wall would have one or more openings that would have a lower portion that would let the higher waves into the pond.  Any fish that happened by the opening would be swept into the pond where it would be trapped.  Occasionally the Hawaiians would use nets and wade into the pond to gather the fish.

At the time of the above photo there had been quite a bit of restoration to the original wall.  You can see the results on the left of the photo behind the tree.  To the right is the rubble from the original wall awaiting restoration.  The pond is in good enough repair to function as the Hawaiians intended it and perhaps by now it has been completely restored.

As is typical of the water around the Big Island, water in the pond is crystal clear as can be seen in the above photo of the bottom of the pond.  You are looking through about 2 feet of water.  I had to wait for quite a while to be able to get a ripple free shot. 

Adjacent to the pond (to the left of the pond in the opening photo) is a nice sandy beach.  It is separated from the ocean by very treacherous lava rocks.  Most beaches on the Big Island will have lava rocks at the water.  There are picnic tables and grills, so bring supplies for a great time.  Forgot them?  No problem, you are only minutes away from supermarkets in Kailua.

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