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Kailua-Kona Town

Kailua-KonaKeye-lu-ah Ko-nah  is the largest town on the Kona side of the Island and was the seat of government for the Kingdom of Hawaii for many years.  Above is one of the small beaches right in the town and the harbor.  From this pier there are all sorts of water oriented activities such as whale watching tours, parasailing, scuba and snuba excursions, dinner cruises.  We have taken several of these outings and let me tell you, they are hard to beat for tourist oriented fun.  Beware though, you can go broke if you try to do it all!

The Kailua Harbor is a favorite stop for all of the cruises.  We have been there when the Queen Elizabeth II has anchored in the harbor.  The water is not deep enough for the ships to dock, so they use tenders to ferry the tourists back and forth.


Across the pier is the AhuenaAh-hu-ay-nah  HeiauHay-ow located behind the King KamehamehaKah may-ha may-ha Hotel. You can see a bit of the hotel in the right part of the photo with the beach that is a favorite for tourists staying at the hotel.  On out first trip to Kona we stayed at the King Kamehameha  and I was very sick with a bad cold.  So bad that I didn't leave the room for a couple of days.  Some vacation!  This beach was a favorite hang out for my wife while I was laid up.  Behind the beach basically in those trees is the location of the King-Kam luaulou-ow one of the better ones in the area.

When you arrive at the airport, you are always greeted by hula dancers.

Between the pier and the King Kamehameha Hotel is this gorgeous banyan tree. You can see our Mustang parked under it.

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