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Camp Tarawa Memorial

Camp Tarawa was a very important Marine installation in the victory of the Pacific Theater.  After the most bloody battle of the Pacific on Tarawa Atoll, the 2nd. Marine Division came to this location on the Big Island of Hawaii to retrain and recover from malaria in the cool upper  elevations of Parker Ranch.

The return of the 2nd Marine Division to the Waimea area transformed the small village of Waimea forever.  Renamed Kamuela for post office reasons, the population of about 400 swelled to over 25,000.  Even today the town has 2 names.  Waimea on the maps and Kamuela on the post office. 

Fallen Heroes Fund



As described in these stones this camp was very important to the Pacific war effort.  Since the terrain at this location was very close to what would be encountered taking Iwo Jima. 

Hopefully you can read the plaques as they tell a very interesting story.


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